100 Jobs To Open In Wilmington As New Cold Storage Facility Arrives

If you think that the only thing that storage facilities provide is storage space for students, business and personal Leeds storage, you are definitely wrong. Although you must also know that storage space is an important part of modern living because people have a habit of collecting things until they have nowhere to place them. Storage space provides people with the opportunity to de-clutter their homes and store away important items for future use. Not only that, storage space is also important to businesses as that is the place where they mostly store raw materials, products and equipment.

But besides all these things, storage facilities also bring with them new job opportunities for numerous people. Storage facilities would definitely need people to look after them and this would always come with a decent salary.

This is definitely the case in the Port of Wilmington. As a new 101,000 square-foot cold storage facility will be opening in the Port of Wilmington, people can expect about 100 job openings to come along with it.

The cold storage will serve the purpose of bringing in pork and poultry products inside North Carolina. It can be said that North Carolina is a global exportation hub for refrigerated pork and poultry products. By opening a new cold storage facility in the region, spoilage and long hours of travels as well as extensive shipping costs can be prevented.

It is said that the new storage facility will be ultimately increasing the capacity of the Port of Wilmington to hold import and export products.
Gov. Pat McCrory had shared that he could not believe it when he found out that they still don’t have a cold storage facility in their largest port.

When the opportunity to build a storage facility came, they immediately wanted to make it happen. You can now expect the construction of the new cold storage facility to begin within the next three weeks and once it has been finished, you can also expect numerous opportunities to arrive not only in Wilmington but for the entire state of North Carolina as well.