2016 Stories That Can Make You Feel Proud Of Being A Human

The year 2016 was filled with lots of heartbreaking news but there are also fun and sweet stories that can make people smile. Some of the stories include simple acts of kindness from strangers or inspiring tales of triumph against certain adversities. The following stories will make you feel good and warm.

  1. When Heather Clark’s infant son Lukas passed away, the family decided to donate his organs. The recipient of Lukas’ heart was Jordan Drake. During an emotional meeting with the young recipient, Heather Clark was able to hear for the first time in 3 years the sound of her son’s heartbeat. Jordan’s family gifted Heather with a teddy bear that has a recording of Lukas’ heartbeat.
  2. Lillie needed to pick a date for the prom. Lillie knew exactly whom she will invite to the prom and why she will be issuing the invitation. Lillie’s mother has a coffee shop with employees who are suffering from intellectual and developmental disabilities. Trevor is one of them. Lillie surprised Trevor with the invite which Trevor enthusiastically accepted.
  3. Blake Pyron dreamed of having his own snow cone shack. His dream came true and he became the first business owner in his Texas town who was suffering from Down syndrome. Mary Ann Pyron hopes that the story of her son will inspire people who have special needs.
  4. Last June, tragedy struck Orlando, Florida. Many volunteered to donate their blood; however, the donors also received their share of kindness from employees of Chick-Fil-A that decided to work on a Sunday to prepare sandwiches for people who were waiting to donate their blood.
  5. A rugby team from Australia was fresh from their victory but what makes their families and friends proud is their simple act of kindness after the games. They helped an 81-year old man to move a large pile of wood from the front of the house to the back.

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