3 Reasons To Book At Luxurious Mercure In Sukhumvit

Travelling to Bangkok whether for leisure or business can never go wrong especially if you book your accommodation at prestigious hotels such as Mercure in Sukhumvit, Thailand. There are several ways to make your travel more enjoyable and memorable but one of the most important aspects is having a hotel where you can enjoy the rest of the day after an extensive meeting or shopping spree outside. With all the options before you, here are some reasons to book at Mercure.

Luxury at its best

There are a lot of luxurious and expensive hotels around Bangkok. The downside of this is that they already look the same and you can no longer tell one from the other. If you want a unique experience, look for a hotel that sets itself apart from the rest of the hotels around Sukhumvit. A good choice is one with a trendy vibe and impressive interiors with vibrant colours. The interior decoration of a hotel, along with its furnishings, affects your mood. If you are surrounded with an energetic vibe, you will also feel inevitably happy and energized. Hotel Mercure in Sukhumvit has contemporary open-air pool where you can enjoy the night away with a margarita on hand served by their poolside cosmopolitan bar.

At the heart of Bangkok

Another reason to book at Mercure Hotel is its location. You can check the map of Bangkok and you will see that the hotel is located in a prime location where entertainment hubs and posh hotels are located. If you want to experience the glitz and glamour of Bangkok’s nightlife, be where the prime bars and restaurants are. Another benefit for such an excellent choice is that you can get to your target points with ease since it is located near major transportation hubs.

World-class restaurants and bar

You have not fully experienced the place if you have not tried the upscale restaurants found at hotel Mercure in Sukhumvit along with its chic and stylish bars. Check the hotel’s gallery for more ideas and to plan out where you are going to dine while booked at the hotel.