3 Things To Consider In Liveaboard Diving In Thailand

Liveaboarding is just like any other diving trip but with this type of adventure, you get to stay in a houseboat or luxurious yacht to do multiple dives for a number of days. This type of adventure can be exciting since liveaboard diving in Thailand involves island hopping and partying on the houseboat for days. For a more enjoyable experience in the waters of Thailand, consider a few important things.

The season

One of the things that you have to put into consideration when planning for a liveaboarding trip is the season of your target travel to Thailand. It is important that you familiarize the season where you are going to have liveaboarding. Most Asian countries are tropical which means, they only have two seasons; rainy and summer. Find out which months are dry for suitable diving conditions.  Dry seasons offer better sea visibility and waters are generally calmer.

Budgetary considerations

The truth is,liveaboard diving in Thailand can be expensive. You are not just going to spend for the trip but you also have to invest on the right diving equipment and gears. Using poor quality gears and wrong equipment can be perilous to your own safety and the lives of your diving buddies. Although diving trips can be quite costly, you can find budget packages for you to choose from. Visit the websites of companies that offer liveaboarding to check on the different packages and to find out where you can get more value for your money. What will usually determine the rates of liveaboarding is the type of sea craft to be used, the length of the trip and its itinerary.

Choose expertise

If you are an expert diver and you are with other professional divers, pick the budget package as it features multiple diving trips in a day with less socialization time. If you have less experience in diving and you just want to experience liveaboard diving in Thailand, choose a package that include less diving trips but more on island hopping, snorkelling, beach BBQ, night party and other non-diver activities. With liveaboarding, you are offered with packages both for professional divers and beginners. You can also get diving lessons from the experts as part of the package.