4 Benefits Of Timber Wall Panels

Having timber wall panels can easily convert an ordinary room to an elegant and luxurious area with cosy and warm ambiance. This is the reason why a lot of modern homes have wooden or timber features in their homes whether for their walls, floors, staircase, bar, partitions and hallway walls. Aside from that, here are additional benefits of timber for your wall panels.

Resistant to water and scratching

Natural timber can be susceptible to water and may lose its natural colour when exposed to sun. However, when polished and laminated timber panels are resistant to scratching and water cannot easily penetrate its surface. This is the importance of ordering the timber materials from a trusted supplier. When you order timber wall panels, you can be sure that you will get high quality products at a lower cost.

Easy to maintain

With the right polishing and finish, timber wall panels are easy to maintain. All you have to do is wipe the panels with warm water to remove dust and light particles. In the event that the wall panel requires replacement, an installer can remove the panel without damaging the rest of the wall and without affecting the other panels.


One of the best features of timber is that they are made from natural material. Look for a timber wall panel supplier that derives their products from old boats and reclaimed timbers making their products sustainable and environment-friendly. This also means that no timber or trees were cut down just to provide aesthetics and elegance in your room. Choose a timber wall panel supplier that guarantees that their products are tested and certified before they are shipped to their customers.


Another reason to opt timber wall panels is they are durable and can last for more than a hundred years. This way, you will have an elegant and stylish area for generations and since they can last for a very long time, you save money on your decors and furnishings because there is no need to replace them periodically. Search for a timber wall panel supplier that offers free shipping and offers specials to help you save money on a project.