5 Ways To Determine Fresh Chicken Wings In Bangkok

If you love chicken and you just can’t get enough of chicken wings in Bangkok, most probably you would order chicken from restaurants and food chains when you are craving for one. However, you can always express your culinary expertise and cook your own version of chicken wings recipe by buying fresh chicken meat. To find out if you are buying fresh, here are the indications:

Flawless skin

Before buying chicken, check for any skin blemishes and discoloration, especially signs of green. Check behind the wings and make sure the chicken meat has light to pinkish colour.

Check the skin colour

You will know that you are looking at fresh chicken meat by way of its colour. A freshly cut chicken has pinkish colour. Do not buy chicken meat with gray or translucent colour. One of the secrets of sumptuous chicken wings in Bangkok is at the freshness of the meat. If you want your chicken wings to be savoury, choose the freshest ingredients and spices.

Do away with bloody chicken

Avoid chicken meat with blood on its cuts as it increases the hazards of bacterial contamination. Bloody chicken is also an indication that the meat has been frozen and thawed several times. To ensure that you are buying fresh, buy live chicken and have them dressed and cut before you. This way you can be sure that the chicken is fresh and not frozen.

Meat texture

Another indication that the chicken meat is fresh is on its texture. Before buying, lightly press the chicken meat with your fingertip. The flesh should bounce back and should not leave a shallow dent on the meat surface. The skin texture should be soft to the touch and not stiff.


Fresh chicken meat does not have any smell. If you noticed any faint smell, place the chicken under running water. If there is still some faint odour, it is an indication that the meat is no longer fresh and is starting to spoil. To ensure that your chicken wings in Bangkok will be perfect, remember these tips to enjoy your food.