$50,000 Gold Brick Found By Plumbers Whilst Working On A Bathroom

Calgary – February 29, 2016 – Plumbers find all sorts of things while they are conducting their jobs. Love letters, fancy jewelry, old newspapers and even weird items, plumbers are used to finding such items. A plumber with an unquestionable honesty would always return the items to their respective owners, even valuable items such as jewelry or even money. It is part of their job to do so.

But there are also dishonest plumbers who would take advantage of their situation and would even steal such items from their unsuspecting customers. Fortunately, these people are rare as there are more honest plumbers like those from Pro-Jett Plumbing & Drainage that stick to the virtue of their job and living a clean and honest life.

Just recently in Calgary, a pair of home contractors have discovered a rather, more valuable treasure in their client’s home.

Alif Babul and his new employee, Dean Materi, were working on a project and tearing apart their client’s bathroom when they had found an unusual item amid the pile of rubble and dust. It should be noted that it was Materi’s second day on the job as a plumbing apprentice after he was laid off from his previous job in the crane industry last November.

He said that at first, he saw something shimmery on the ground and thought it was just a copper light fixture but when he came to pick it up, he found out that it was a gold brick about the size of a cell phone and weighed about one kilogram that also had a serial number imprinted on it.

Of course he would then have reported it to Babul, who owns the home improvement company, Perfection Plumbing & Gas Ltd., who did not believe at first what he was seeing.

Through research they were able to find out that the gold brick would be valued at about $50,000. In an interview, Babul said that with the economy right now, it kind of sucked returning the gold brick. However, they did what was right and returned it to its proper owners.

Babul said that they always return what they find and it is through this event that many people have had their faith restored in humanity once again.