6 Designs of Basin and Vanity Units

There are different types of basin and vanity units that you can find from the website of your choice or through the internet. The design and size should be suited to your bathroom area and of course, it should be suitable to your budget. Here are some designs for you to choose from:

Top-mount sink

A top-mount sink is one of the most commonly used basins and is designed to be placed on top of the counter. There are also the types that are placed below the counter with only the rim exposed. Top-mount sink can be installed easily and does not require additional or extensive plumbing for installation.

Undermount sink

This is the opposite of top-mount sink. The undermount sink is placedon the underside of the countertop making it look seamless with polished look appeal that can be easily cleaned.

Wall-mounted sink

As the name suggest, a wall-mounted sink is attached to the wall. It does not require a countertop and provides a minimalist feel to the room. This is one of the contemporary designs for vanity sink units while other designs can be foundon the website of your choice. The only thing about this type of vanity unit is that it doesn’t have any storage. The good thing about this is that it makes the bathroom space look bigger. Its plumbing requirements and waste pipesare tucked behind the wall.

Pedestal sink

This type of sink is ideal for bathrooms with classic design. It also does not require complicated piping and plumbing redesigning.

Washplane sink

Washplane sinks are commonly used in contemporary restaurants and modern hotel bathrooms as they are sleek, slim and stylish.  A washplane sink only takes up minimal space thereby allowing you to have more storage space and fixtures in your bathroom area.

Vessel sink

A vessel sink is designed like a big bowl placed on top of the countertop. The sink is exposed and commands attention the moment you step into the bathroom. You can find vessel sink design from the website including other designs suitable for your bathroom.