Thai International Travel Fair To Involve Hotel Near In Asok BTS

If you’re planning for your next summer vacation regardless if it’s going to be in a beach resort just outside your city or, a trip overseas, you have to think about every single detail that is relevant to your planned vacation. You see, going on a well-deserved vacation may be a fun thing to look forward to but let’s face it, going on a vacation can also be a wallet burner especially if you’re flying to a country you’re visiting for the first time in your entire life owing to the fact that you still have no idea as to what you can expect from that destination. For this, you have to conduct a lot of research beforehand to enable you to learn the basic things about that specific destination such as rules and regulations that are applicable to foreign tourists. In addition to this, you’ll be able to know where the best hotel near in Asok BTS in the city of Bangkok that can offer guests an unforgettable vacation experience which is one of the reasons why the city’s tourism industry has been booming as of late.

Every year, the Kingdom of Thailand holds the Thai International Travel Fair twice with the first one being in February and the second one held in August. For the August 2017 edition of the fair, Taiwanese hotel operators are expected to join the event in hopes that they boost the tourism industry in Taiwan by luring Thai nationals to visit the said country and offer various hotel packages. In connection to this, Taiwan is also offering visa-free access to Thai who will be visiting Taiwan starting this year. In addition to this, the said event which will be held at the Queen Sirikit Convention Centre, will serve as an opportunity for hotel operators in Thailand such as a hotel near in Asok BTS to introduce their new packages which can be helpful in luring more foreign and local tourists to see and enjoy the beauty and unique culture of the country which has been able to welcome millions of international tourists during the first 6 months of the year alone.