A Brief Glimpse Into The Sad Life Of Beach Dogs

Many people are happy when the sun touches their skin. This is the reason why beaches all over the world are very popular among tourists. In Southeast Asia, Thailand beach villas are the destination of many travellers because of the natural setting and the proximity to beaches where one can joy a refreshing swim. A day at the beach can make a person very happy.

If you are beach lover, it is very likely that you have experienced stray dogs that show up by your side wagging their tails near your lounge chair. The playful dog continues to follow as you walk through miles of sun-crested shorelines. Beach dogs understand that whenever there are humans, they will never go hungry. However, what happens to these beach dogs when tourists return to their own homes?

Sergio Beristain, a Canadian traveller caught a glimpse of the secret life of beach dogs while enjoying an early morning walk at a Greek Island resort. The scene is pretty much expected when a homeless dog finds the way to a beach. Sergio came across the dog that looked at him for moment when it heard the approaching footsteps. After a few seconds, the dog went back to sleep.

Unlike many tourist destinations where dogs and cats are left off to fend for themselves, local residents in the Greek island of Santorini in the Aegean Sea provide year-round care to the animals. According to Beristain, the locals leave food and water on the streets so that homeless dogs and cats won’t go hungry.

It is very sad knowing that a dog has no home that is why many animal rescue groups are dedicated towards bringing the homeless dogs to the US or Canada. The dogs need a home and someone to care for them.

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