A Good Deed From A Group Of Painters And Decorators

A cry for help was answered by Michael Hurst who is a property maintenance provider under Chipping Norton together with Claire Percival who is his partner. The Katharine House Hospice was looking for a decorator that will remodel that current inpatient area of the establishment. What is more surprising is that the partnership decided to do the job for free.

The project will normally cost a minimum of £20,000. They started to take the job in sections because Mr. Hurst, along with his team, decided to devote their weekends in order to get the project done.

Ms. Percival shared that they are aware of the cry for help coming from the hospice and they decided to help. Because of the personal experience she had, she knows how important the project is especially those individuals that are going to through terminal illnesses.

She related how his father’s wish was to be able to stay at their home in his last remaining weeks and it was made possible because of the support given by the community nurse from Katharine House community. The nurse was always there in a daily schedule and make sure that everything is managed properly. Despite the fact that her father was never able to stay or visit at the hospice, she is thankful for the help of the community nursing team and what they are contributing to make the local community better. She recognizes their part in fulfilling her father’s wish.

She added that everyone has something to offer to the community and what they can contribute is their knowledge and skills needed to decorate the current inpatient unit. If they will be able to finish the project, a lot of people will benefit and she knows that her father will be happy.

Lucinda Lloyd, the facilities manager of the hospice shared that they have already finished doing two of the bedrooms. Three staffs are working every Saturday while two are in charge every Sunday. These people are working and giving up their weekend in order to decorate. When choosing a painter and decorator company, it is best to choose the one that is willing to give back to the community such as BD decorators.