A Happy Place In Los Angeles For The Young And Young At Heart 

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Do you want to boost your mood? There is good news for residents and visitors of Los Angeles. The city will play host to “Happy Place” this fall and winter. The Happy Place which occupies 20,000 square feet of Los Angeles space will be an extravaganza where all things will be happy, bright and bubbly.

Many unfortunate events have happened recently and the world as a whole needs some form of happiness. Children and adults have the right to live in a world that is happy. Creator Jared Paul explained in a recent statement that he wants to make dreams come true that is why he created a special place that will be filled with smiles and laughter.

The exterior side of the Happy Place has been painted with a happy, vivid egg yolk yellow. There are 13 rooms with whimsical designs where friendly experiences can perfect for posting on Instagram. Inside the Happy Place, guests are welcome to blow on the candles placed atop a giant birthday cake. Visitors have the opportunity to dance in the large Confetti Dome that contains more than half million confetti. Another option for visitors is the larger than life rainbow where you jump on a pot that is filled with 25,000 Smiley face coins.

There is also a Candy Room constructed from one million candies with a backyard lemonade stand and food truck with Rainbow Grilled Cheese. The Paradise Room allows you to view the works of artist Steve Harrington that fits perfectly with the theme of happiness.

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