A Look At The Unusual Team Building Methods Of Famous Bosses

Office performance relies greatly on being able to work well with a co-worker, and, as such, companies have long since been spending time and resources on research into team bonding activities and the like, in order to ensure maximum employee performance.

Of course, how companies and their leaders handle team building varies differently, as the many different environs of different workspaces means that no single method works for everyone. In recent years, team bonding activities have shifted from the traditional imagery of the ‘trust fall’. Now, there are a great number of ways for businesses to bring employees together.

Some employers, however, believe that eccentricity does not reduce effectiveness, and utilize more unorthodox team bonding activities to unite their employees. Some managers, such as those from YAHOO!, or Facebook, have decided to implement new and exciting ways to get their employees to bond, with methods such as sailing trips, ‘family dinners’, or karaoke sessions, among others.

Here is a look at some of the more unusual team builders used by some prominent companies across the world.

  • ViaSat’s Mark Dankberg: Book Club
    • The CEO of California-based broadband services and communications company ViaSat, has the employees sit down and read books related to business practices and innovation, aimed at helping them better grasp business concepts and share ideas with one another.
  • Coca-Cola’s Muhtar Kent: Flash Mobbing
    • A surprisingly effective method in team building, flash mobbing has been cited as useful in building skills related to team cohesion, as well as handling surprises and risks. Unusual, but not uncommon, it has been seeing use in companies such as Disney, Starbucks and Google.
  • Facebook Boston Branch’s Ryan Mack: Sailing & Socials
    • Unsurprisingly for a social media company, Facebook takes time and pride on ensuring social engagement between employees, with the site’s Boston chapter having gone on a company sailing trip, among other social activities.
  • Virgin Atlantic’s Craig Keeger: Sausage Sensation
    • A cooking activity wherein employees work together to create their own regional iteration of the classic sausage in a limited time frame, Sausage Sensation sharpens skills such as cooperation, coordination, time management and problem solving. As a result, it has become a favourite amongst team bonding activities for big brands across the world.