A Memorable Vacation Through Boat Rentals In Phuket

Why not consider boat rentals in Phuket for a memorable vacation? Phuket is a beautiful island that can offer a perfect sailing experience all year round. There are lots of boats or yachts to hire, you just need to choose carefully to get the best deal. Here you will surely enjoy the spectacular scenery, dramatic diving locations, and the gorgeous boat itself.

A Wide Range of Boat Choices

You can go for boat rentals in Phuket and choose yourself to be the captain of the ship, or hire a crew that takes care of touring you around Phuket and its neighbouring islands. If you choose to be the captain of the ship, you will all take charge of the cleaning and cooking, especially when it has returned and docked. However, if you fully hire a crewed charter yacht, they can handle all your needs while sailing. However, you need to pay for an extra amount for the members of the crew.

You may want to consider the kind of boat offered to you. There are the single hull motor yachts, monohull sailing yachts and the catamarans, which vary in length from 45ft to 100ft or even more. If you go for larger boats, you can accommodate more people and split up the cost for this vacation. However, if you choose a private and more romantic cruise, try to settle for a smaller boat.

Sail along the Shores of Phuket

The beaches and shorelines of Phuket attract sunseekers through their palm lined white sand beaches and crystal clear waters, which is great for snorkeling. You may also want to travel the islands of Similan, PhiPhi, Krabi or anchor at the PhangNga Bay. There are also historic towns to explore, shop and dine, mostly located nearby the beaches.

Tourists visiting Phuket can also try a number of water activities ashore. There are the famous Patong, Karon and Kata beaches that don’t only offer great daytime activities but are more lively and active at night. You can dock your boat along the Patong shore and go partying all night long.

If you want boat rentals in Phuket, ensure that you have rented from a reliable provider. You may want to get recommendations from people who have tried their services. Also, know the experiences of the crew when hiring one. It has to ensure that you have a safe but enjoyable boating trip.