A New Take On Home Automation For Single Salarymen

We all know that the future is here but what we never realised is that there are things that we actually imagined will come to life, as creepy as it may sound. Vinclu is a Japanese company that is known for its penchant in releasing crazy innovations and ideas that are surprisingly supported by a lot of like-minded people.

The country recently announced its new home automation system which is driven by artificial intelligence. It is interactive and can now be pre-ordered by individuals who are interested as long as they are from Japan or United States. The home automation system is called Gatebox and it is the latest in products that are released under Internet of Things. It combines the most loved feature that we see on Alexa developed by Amazon, Google Home, Vocaloid concerts’ holographic anime character together with the film Her produced by Spike Jonze.

You might be starting to get confuse at this point but you read it right. Gatebox is currently priced at ¥ 321,840 or around $2,700 in US dollar currency. The innovation was designed for young and single salarymen and those who are known to have an obsession with otaku which is based on an anime. With the home automation system, you will be able to live with your favourite anime character.

The system is roughly the same size as a regular home coffee maker and its footprint is not bigger than an A4 sheet of paper. The main feature of the device is its AI avatar which is computer animated and shown via a clear projection tube. Vinclu is already planning to create other personalities that will embody Gatebox. The story behind the name is that the company wishes to create a device wherein people can have a gate to another dimension tapping the character’s world.

The first character that was developed is called Azuma Hikari which is a female character recommended for people who are living alone. If you do not have the money to pre-order this home automation system, you can check out other home automation packages available in your area.