A Simple Guide To Maps: Imperfect But Ever Useful

Maps have existed for over thousands of years now. In fact, the oldest known map is even older than Christianity itself. Now, maps are probably one of the most common things you’ll ever find both in paper and digital.

The map is one of the most basic navigational tools and it is deeply rooted with human civilization and intelligence. In fact, map making, or just simply the ability to remember and illustrate directions is what had set apart humans from other creatures. Right now, there are many different types of maps from physical maps to illustrated maps, climate maps, road maps and even political maps.

But even with their usefulness it is important to understand that maps are not perfect. Back then, the ancient maps were drawn by explorers and mostly all they could do was walk around and trust that they would be able to accurately illustrate what land looked like since there was no way they could’ve gone to the outer space and see the world from a different view. But now that the world has reached the modern age, you can say that maps have also evolved and improved for the better, mostly due to the advancements in technology. But even up to this day, it is still impossible to have a 100% accurate map and this is because it is virtually impossible to draw or recreate the land surface of the earth – which is round – on a flat surface such as a map.

But even if maps aren’t as accurate as you once thought, this doesn’t take away or diminish the usefulness of maps. If you were tasked to go to a certain location like in Arizona but you don’t know where it is, you can rely on an Arizona illustrated map. Even if you know someone who can describe to you in detail how to get to that specific location, maps are still the best way to go.

Maps show many important features and landmarks of a particular place and shows different roads or routes that you can use to get there. Maps could also be very attractive and creative, as in the case with illustrated maps, so that your eyes are energized at the same time. They are important not only to geographers but regular people as well.