A Very Unusual Love Story

Aminah Hart from London is single at the age at the age of 42. Since Aminah wanted a child, she went to find a solution from the sperm bank for In Vitro Fertilization. There were three anonymous candidates to choose from as sperm donors. One of the sperm donors was Australian cattle farmer Scott Andersen who was 10,000 miles away from Aminah. Aminah was relieved when she gave birth to a daughter as she tragically lost two sons due to a genetic disorder.

After Aminah’s baby was born, she started to become curious about the sperm donor who has fathered her child and tried to contact him anonymously through the IVF register. A sperm donor is not under any obligation to be in touch with a child as well as the mother and considering the distance between Aminah and the sperm donor, it is very unlikely that they will meet each other. Luckily, Scott Anderson was open to meeting a child that was born from his sperm. However, fate has other plans for Aminah because when her daughter was a year old, she met Scott Anderson for the very first time.

Aminah and Scott met for the first time in Melbourne, Australia days after their daughter Leila’s first birthday. After the fateful meeting, they started getting together and soon enough after a few weeks, they fell in love.  On December 2015, the couple exchanged their vows on the beach with their closest friends and with daughter Leila as their flower girl. Little did Aminah know that a sperm donor will eventually become her cherished husband.

Aminah has recounted her love story with Scott Anderson on her new book “How I Met Your Father”. The book is already set to become a movie – a very unusual love story ever to be seen on screen. The eBook is available on Amazon.

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