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Ariana L Priest

Ariana Priest

Chief Editor Our Journey To Smile

People need good news every once in a while to counteract the barrage of negative news from mainstream media. If you read newspapers or watch news on TV, you will be inundated with alarming news about terrorism, political rivalries, controversies and the deadly Ebola virus. We at Our Journey To Smile aims to provide you with happy news that will make you smile. Our mission is to share with our readers’ positive news from all over the world.

There is no dearth for good news but how it is broadcasted. Media prefers to cover crimes and it seems that everything being reported today is negative news. While it is important for people to know the truth, there must be a balance so that readers will understand that there is a still a good side to humanity. Our minds have been conditioned that everything around us evil and this increases our feelings of negativism. Our Journey To Smile was created to report outstanding local and international news that will provide inspiration. We invite you to share your articles with us and let us spread good news all over the world.

We at ourjourneytosmile.org will share you factual news from all over the world about people who overcame life’s obstacles, people who have conquered their fears, innovations that will improve lives and society and research-based reports that will make a big difference. When people hear good news, it does not only make them smile; they want to share it with family, with friends and with co-workers.

We know that good news can have a profound effect on people but it does not mean that we will not be sharing some negative news because we owe it to our readers to provide them with true information. However, we promise you that there will be a balance between good and bad news. We will not offer you news that has been over sensationalized but news that you ought to know because it will impact on your life and the lives of others. We invite submissions of newsworthy articles but make sure you provide facts. If you have any questions, please contact us at www.ourjourneytosmile.org.

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