Activities To Do When In La Gomera

La Gomera Accomodation is a keyword that may be often searched up in the web by sailing enthusiasts, as the place is popularly associated with this kind of recreational activity. One of Spain’s Canary Islands, the La Gomera is located in the province of Santa Cruz de Tenerife. It is known to be one of the best sailing spots in the world because of the constantly blowing winds in the Atlantic. While some may be unfamiliar with the island and instead are attracted to the larger ones like the neighboring Tenerife, it is good to do a little research on the exhilarating beauty of the island’s geography as well as the various enjoyable activities you can do. It has been said that there are a number of reasons to give this island a chance even when you are not a sailor.

1. Whale and Dolphin Watching

Bottlenose dolphins, Atlantic spotted dolphins and Rough-toothed dolphins are just some of the species of dolphins sighted in the island. Watching and learning about them with a small group is an activity that can surely amaze nature lovers. While there is no sighting guarantee for the blue whales, one would not regret being part of this adventure as there are other little joys providing the best relaxation in the oceans such as the touch of the sun, sea turtles, or jumping tuna.

2. Hiking and Trekking

Apart from setting sail, hiking and trekking can also be part of the list of activities to do in La Gomera – starting from Valle Gran Rey and Playa de Santiago. Vallehermoso and Hermigua as starting points are also said to offer a trail to the most breathtaking view one can ever witness. Meanwhile, providing a professionally organized and safe hiking and trekking trip to tourists is the Timah which had created a name in the place since 1988.

3. Golf Course

The Tecina Golf Course, the only one in the island, offers a magnificent view as it is surrounded by the three fascinating sightings: Tecina valley, Atlantic Ocean and Mount Teide at a distance. The place is one that you should not miss if you are a fan of the sport. It is said to be part of the top 100 golf courses in Spain, with 18 holes laid out. Through the Hotel Jardin Tecina, the top hotel in the island, staying is a pleasurable package to consider.