Acts Of Humanity Very Apparent After The Manchester Terror Attack

The whole world was shocked when new bulletins reported about the terror attack in Manchester. Children were among the list of fatalities and many of them are still in hospitals being treated for critical injuries. However, local people, hotels and taxi drivers made the efforts to extend their helping hand to the concert-goers who were traumatized and stranded after the tragedy.

Amidst the chaos, there were reports that a local hotel located near the Manchester Arena took in dozens of children following the explosion. According to reports, Holiday Inn Hotel had taken in more than 50 children who were unaccompanied when they attended the concert. Local people have opened their homes to the distraught people who attended the Arianna Grande concert after the night of music ended into a disaster.

Taxi drivers were also reported to have offered free rides while some people were arranging to donate their blood at blood banks for those injured. The city’s mayor former Labour MP any Burnham tweeted “if you are stranded in the area, you can also follow #RoomForManchester where hotels and local people of our great city are offering refuge.”

Many of the young fans were caught in the middle of the chaos. The police advised the public to avoid the area near the Manchester Arena. Victoria Train Station was evacuated and all trains were cancelled.

Almost everyone in Manchester were performing acts of humanity from taxi drivers tweeting that they are offering free rides to local people providing temporary shelter and phone calls to advise their parents of their situation. Facebook immediately activated its safety check feature so that people can inform their family and friends that they are safe. Manchester City Council also started an online condolence book to help those who were affected.

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