Ad Lib Bangkok: A Hotel Like No Other

Bangkok, being the capital city of the Kingdom of Thailand, is a nice city visit every now and then. It’s a city that is filled with enriched culture, relatively friendly people and authentically delicious delicacy. In addition to this, there are various tourist spots in Bangkok which tourists can visit and learn a thing or two about the history of the city and Thailand as a whole. Moving around the city isn’t much of a problem. Bangkok has one of the most systematically efficient mass transport systems you will find anywhere in the world right now so you don’t really need to rent a car just to enjoy Bangkok as a whole. Now, the first thing you will need to make sure whenever you are planning a vacation trip to Bangkok is that you will have a good hotel where you will be staying for, let’s say 3 days and 2 nights. For starters, there are numerous hotels that are scattered throughout the premises of the city but if you have the money to spend for it and want a little extra, consider staying Ad Lib Bangkok.

Ad Lib Bangkok is first and foremost, boutique hotel that is strategically located away from one of the busiest main roads in the city and yet, a few meters away from the BTS station. Also, stalls that sell a wide variety of street food can be found within striking distance of the hotel so in case you get the sudden cravings for street food, help is just a few meters away, too. If you are primarily an English speaker, you don’t need to have a Thai friend because staff at Ad Lib Bangkok can speak the English language with the right tone and pronunciation. Most vacationists say that breakfast there is something you shouldn’t miss for whatever reason you may have. In fact, you can have your breakfast delivered to your room like in other hotels but be warned, the delicious breakfast plus the comfortable bed will make you lazy and you might not want to leave your room to explore the rest of the city. It’s a hotel experience like no other, indeed.