ADT Alarm Systems Corp. Released Campaigns To Emphasize ‘Smart’ Security

The competition within the ‘smart’ home gadgets is getting tougher and tougher and companies are looking to improve their products more in order to have a chance in claiming the top spot within the industry. On the other hand, ADT Corp, bringer of famous ADT Alarm Systems and ADT Pulse, showed a unique way of proving their authority and great prowess when it comes to the security of one’s home, through a campaign ad they’ve released last February, 2015.

The relatively new campaign ad was streamed nationally, starring Irving Rhames, also known as ‘Ving’. In the advertisement, the renowned superstar who became part of action movies like Pulp Fiction and Mission Impossible which lead him to have a strong image in the industry, gave life to the ADT Alarm systems by being ‘it’.

Mr .Rhames stood in the house, motionless and when burglars come, he acts and then scares them away. He finishes his screen-time in the ad by threatening burglars that they should turn around and not try at all. ADT sets their eyes on making three different advertisements that will cast the same star, Mr. Rhames.

The Chief Officer of the Marketing side of ADT said that the advertisement was made to personify the product served by ADT which is the ADT Alarm systems. With the intriguing ad, they intended to relay to customers, all the capabilities of ADT’s product and emphasize to them that the company will always be by their side.
The people who were tasked for the project were Doner Agency, which was rehired after being replaced by ‘Arnold’ in a short span, together with Former Nokia employee, Ms. DeVard.

Smart Home gadgets continue to become eminent in the world of security alarms which has a stunning $2.1 Billion total revenue. The advertisement was made in order for them to stand above the sea of competitors. Ms. DeVard also said that ADT serves everything that a customer would want to have in regards to home security in a single boat.

The total expense for the advertisement was not relayed to public, however, Kantar Media said that ADT allots about $70 Million yearly, for ‘measured’ media.