After Being Told She Will Never Walk, Brave Girl Takes Her First Steps Seven Years After

A brave girl takes her first steps seven years after she had fallen into a scalding/blistering hot bath and was told she will not be able to walk again.

Tilly’s remarkable journey to taking her first steps

Tilly Sawford’s remarkable journey was captured in a heartwarming footage as this brave little girl takes her first steps unaided seven years after the incident. Tilly, who was 15 months old at that time, was given just 5% chance to survive the horror accident. With over 500 operations and years later, Tilly has made her first steps after her legs were amputated early January this year. Proud mother Emma Sawford shed tears when she saw her daughter took her first steps with the prosthetics on and without support from others.

Tilly’s horrible accident

In 2009, Tilly was with her two brothers playing upstairs in their home when she fell to the bath of scalding water. Miraculously, her face was the only part which was not burnt in the accident. The bath was accidentally filled up by one of her older siblings when the tap was turned on to wash his hands. Just recently moved to the house, the family didn’t know that a ‘faulty boiler’ would reach full boiling point in a matter of just a few seconds. Paramedics arrived and then rushed Tilly to the hospital where she was in the intensive care for six months.

Emma was told her daughter will not pull through. They were devastated by the news as they have waited for so long to have a little girl in their family. Emma added that things only started to change four months later. The couple were extremely happy when Tilly was finally brought back home by the end of 2009. But that was not the end of things for the little girl, who still goes almost every other day to the hospital for checkups.

More challenges for Tilly

Tilly became ill again towards 2015’s end. Emma said that the joint in her knee was no good, and there was no blood getting through. Tilly’s leg was dying off because of the accident. They were told that she would never walk with her leg, and the doctors talked of amputation.

On January 2016, Tilly’s right leg was amputated. Tilly had her very first prosthetic fitted in June but was too small. She already had it replaced by a new one now. She is happier now and wants to walk more. She has a bar and a frame at home which are used for her support. But, it was last week when she walked for the first time unaided.


Tilly’s accident is one that relates how rooms like bathrooms can be dangerous places for young ones. It may help that a shower screen installation is done in bathrooms to keep children away from tubs and showers especially when parents are not always there to look after their children.