Amadeus ACUS Technology Is Now In Australia


Aside from excellent Perth airport transfers, travelers who use the Perth Airport have other news to be happy about.

Amadeus had its Australia’s first branch of its travel technology business in Perth Airport. After its debut in Perth, the global frontrunner of travel software is expected to expand its business to other areas in the Asia Pacific Region.

Perth Airport created a lasting collaboration with Amadeus. The two companies formed the ally to carry out ACUS, forefront cloud-based machinery. This innovation from Amadeus will offer great assistance to airline patrons and itinerants.

Because of the next generation technology, passengers can now access traveler processing systems anywhere they need it through a cloud-based ACUS technology which utilizes application virtualization. The application can be accessed on demand.

The platform can be used by airlines from a pc, netbook or mobile devices. This allows travelers to be checked-in no matter where they are.  Boarding passes can also be printed by the passenger at any place.

Multitasking by ground handlers is possible. Simultaneously managing passengers for a number of airlines from separate terminals is now likely using a single device.

Applications can be combined for hosting without restrictions on the work terminals. The training for staff will also get shorter leading to faster deployment of airport personnel who are new to the job. This is because of the simplified training from the corporate use platform.

Harmful gases emission is also expected to drop because of the cut in physical amenities. This will improve Perth Airport’s compliance to environmental protection.

The head of Amadeus John Jarrell remarked that the company is delighted to work with Perth Airport. They are glad to be forerunners of Airport innovations in Australia. The investment is to develop services to passengers and air companies.

Jarrell said that technology plays an enormous role in airport innovations. According to him international airports are forced to ponder on creative ways of handling the rising travelers. He also added that setting of ACUS is only the start of collaboration with Perth Airport. They will continue to operate hand-in-hand.

The alliance happened after the introduction of ACUS at Innsbruck Airport in Austria.