Amazon Paying People To Be Their Delivery Staff

Amazon’s been revealing some new developments recently, from increased Prime membership benefits regarding their Whole Foods locations, to a new service that allows delivery services to access the inside of your vehicle to drop off packages. Now, Amazon is making it enticing to get into things like courier quote and delivery insurance, as the company is allowing its couriers to run their very own delivery networks.

The e-commerce giant will be providing incentives for any entrepreneur willing to run a courier business delivering packages for the company and their newest endeavour, Delivery Service Partners. Incentives include discounts when purchasing Amazon-branded delivery vehicles, branded uniforms, as well as a comprehensive insurance coverage and a fuel program. All of that on top of the expected annual profits of $300,000 for anyone operating a fleet of about 40 vehicles.

Anyone interested can apply in their Amazon Logistics site. According to the site, any entrepreneurs looking to get into the program need to invest at least $10,000, though Amazon says that no prior experience in the field of delivery and logistics is necessary. According to the e-commerce giant, they’re looking for hundreds of people willing to get into the field of courier quote, deliveries and parcels, who would then employ tens of thousands of drivers across the US.

According to a statement made by the company’s Senior VP of Worldwide Operations, Dave Clark, the company is seeing a record high in customer demand, and that’s why they’ve started the program, as they need more capacity. He says that the company’s plan is to empower new, small-scale businesses so that they can profit from the opportunities in the field of e-commerce package delivery.

Labor professors have another view on the matter, however, saying that this new arrangement would allow Amazon to get all of the benefits of having a vast delivery network without having to deal with any of the risks and liabilities usually associated with such things.

Regarding the company’s partnership with major delivery services, which include the US Postal Service, Amazon says that this new program won’t compromise their relationship. Currently, these major logistics providers deliver the vast majority of their packages, which have its downsides, like delays, capacity constraints during holidays and high shipping costs.