An Early Morning Experience In The Subway That Will Warm Your Heart

Salma Hamidi is an Iranian immigrant who has been living in Canada for the last 12 years. When she was on the subway last week, a Latino man suddenly threw down his skates and held his head while repeatedly saying “Oh, God.” A fellow passenger, a Russian guy who was seated across the Latino asked whether the man was okay in a heavily accented voice. The Latino said that he had a terrible headache and he was running late for an interview.

In her Facebook post, Hamidi revealed that she offered the Latino some Advil for his headache but the man said that he has nothing to take it with. A Middle Eastern woman who was wearing a hijab took out a juice box from her kid’s backpack and offered it to the Latino. She further said that if the man were to take the Advil with the juice, he will feel better for the interview.

The Latino revealed that he was nervous about the interview. Since Hamidi was an employer, she assured the man that everything will turn out right. She advised the man not to make excuses for his tardiness but apologize. Other people on the train decided to help the Latino with his interview.

The Russian advised him to walk confidently and tie his hair back if he could. Hearing the conversation, a Chinese teenager handed the man a hair tie. The Muslim woman told the Latino to smile to earn the trust of people. When the Latino got to his station, everyone was wishing him good luck for the interview.

Hamidi was moved by what happened in the subway that she shared the story with CBC Toronto after the Facebook post went viral. She was surprised at the response and was very grateful for living in Canada where people are nice and polite.

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