Are People In Norway Really That Happy?

Why are some countries happier than others? The recent United Nation’s International Day of Happiness has declared that Norway is the happiest country in the world. The previous holder of the crown of happiest country is Denmark.

However, if you will take a look at underlying data, you will find out that the margins between the top five – Norway, Denmark, Iceland, Switzerland and Finland are too small that any of them could have easily come out on top. Why are these Nordic countries very consistent in being the happiest countries?

What is the measurement of happiness? Is it the economy or longer life expectancy? According to the complied data of World Happiness Report, happiness is completely subjective. There is really no science in determining how the people of a certain country feel.

For decades, prosperity and success have been measured through a country’s GDP and economic status; but are the people happy? One example is the United States where income levels are certainly higher than other countries. In recent years, their GDP has grown tremendously; but are the Americans happy?

According to a 2010 American study, money can make people happy but with limitations. A person earning $75,000 can be happy but after that, any extra income will not make any difference in the person’s happiness; however, there is a feeling of achievement.

According to authors that have won the Nobel Prize for economics, $75,000 can be the threshold but more than that no longer improves a person’s potential to achieve happiness. What matters most is to be able to spend quality time with people they like, avoid pain and illnesses and enjoy leisurely activities. Happiness has nothing to with economic power. Danes have lesser expectations and when these are fulfilled, they become happier than most of us.

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