Au Post’s Down, Alternative Courier Up!

Having options and different choices is a two-edged sword. It can be something that is good but it can also turn the other way. However, of course, we focus on the positive side. Having choices offers us more chances of picking the best. The best things, the best items, the best service. This applies to anything and everything including courier services anywhere in the world.

In a time when the company that is expected to provide quality services in the field of snail mails and courier services is not on par with what is expected, it is better to have different choices on which service to use. Australia Post is in a state of decline. Customers are complaining of poor, unreliable service, slow and expensive services. In line with this decline from the government-owned and government-led office, other courier services in Melbourne are cropping up.

People Post is a company rising likened from a taxi service Uber. This time, these are made for parcels and deliveries. People Post connects users with registered runners around the vicinity who’re available to deliver the parcels. The service is available 24/7, all year round, no holidays. The users are also able to track their parcels in real-time. Just like Uber, users can also like and rate the runners that are delivering their parcels. The service is currently available in Melbourne, Perth, Canberra, Brisbane, and Sydney but the goal is that they can go global in 2017.

The price rate of the delivery is based on the distance and the urgency of the delivery. Unlike taxi services offering the same kind of strategy of sharing economy, this does not have any prices surges during peak hours. The basic principle is that the less distance the delivery would be made, and lesser urgency on the delivery means cheaper delivery rates. The company is continuously checking their algorithms and calculations to ensure that the services is cheaper, more efficient, and benefits both the users and the runners. They are now considering a merchant structure meant for businesses and huge discounts.

This is just one option in the growing competition for courier services in Melbourne and other parts of Australia. For as long as Australia Post and other big courier services are having quality issues, startups on courier services are quite tempting business ventures.