Aussie Women Raking In More Income In Certain Jobs

More and more Aussie women are making their mark on professions traditionally attributed to men, from female furniture removalists in Sydney, to women sparkies, women are showing they can do men’s jobs as well as the men.

According to data from the Australian Tax Office, there are 80 occupations in Australia where women earn more on average then men, with this list including fast food cook, receptionist, and goat farmers, among others. Even female furniture removalists in Sydney earn more than their male counterparts. However, the flip side is that men earn more than women in the vast majority of occupations, with medical specialists seeing the largest gap in pay between genders.

The data released by the ATO late in April, but covers the fiscal year of 2015-16. The data is gathered from the earnings of 16 million Aussies, as determined based on their tax returns, without consideration for part-time versus full-time employment; the figures are, for the most part, representation of Aussie income based on their taxable pay.

The biggest discrepancies in the number showed up when comparing male and female doctors, in particular the specialists for eye care, ear, nose and throat, where the difference between the men and the women was at least $300,000 on average, in favour of the men. Following doctors are cricketers, with men earning $270,000 worth of taxable income more than women, on average.

The report does make some notes on the figures, citing that, in certain occupations, like cricketing, there are large discrepancies in the number in men or women in that occupation, which alters the national average, and, as mentioned before, the figures represent taxable income, which is income before all tax reductions, like net rent losses or gains, gifts and donations, and the like.

The occupation where women had the highest taxable income compared to men in that occupation is “state governor” which covers legislators not under other occupations, and includes the Aboriginal Community Council Members and Aboriginal Land Councillors. Of the 6 women and 19 men in that occupation, women had an average taxable income of $286,676, while the men had $169,148.

Other jobs where women earned more than men, among others, are future trader ($388,681 vs. $300,923), surfers ($68,178 vs. $40,396) and goat farmer ($66,127 vs. $44,495). In terms of overall taxable income averages in the country, Sydney’s eastern suburbs had the highest averages.