Avoid Boiler From Shutting Down Due To Freezing Temperature

A company offering boiler repairs in Portsmouth, BoilerRepairsinPortsmouth.co.uk, offered helpful tips to people in the area who are worried about their boilers not making it through the freezing weather condition. Homeowners are advised to keep these tips in mind in case their boiler is having issues or stopped operating due to the cold. It is the time of the year when boiler companies get the most house calls because of boiler problems.

The truth is that there are measures that homeowners can practice in case their boiler decided to stop and these DIY fixes are surprisingly easy. In the case of a boiler that stopped working, the culprit might be the pipes located outside the house. It can be remedied by using a hairdryer or a kettle filled with boiling water.

It is common for the condensing pipes to suffer from being frozen since these are located outside of the house. Boiling water using a kettle and pouring it over the pipes is very helpful in unfreezing it. For those who are scared to try it out for some reason, they can opt for a hairdryer to help reheat the frozen pipes.

After the heating process is done, the boiler should be reset to keep it going again. Experts advised that it is possible for this scenario to be avoided by not turning the boiler off. When leaving the house, homeowners can opt to lower the dial to the lowest but not turn off the unit.

In the end, reheating the pipes could result to a more expensive option compared to just turning down the temperature when no one is at home. Homeowners can also apply DIY insulation to their pipes. The material needed could be bought at a local DIY shop – a few meters of leggings which are quite cheap. Use this to cover the pipes as it will act as an insulation to prevent the pipes from freezing up.

In case the boiler does not operate even after trying the said measures, it is best to call for professional help to correctly troubleshoot the issues.