Beach Volleyball Tourney In Samui: A Kill

If you’re staying in a Samui beach hotel anywhere in the island, no doubt you’ve seen and, quite possibly, played your fair share of beach volleyball. Not surprising given the number of local enthusiasts on the island. So much so, that a local tournament was held by the Koh Samui Beach Volleyball Club, which was met with reception as warm and sunny as the island itself. It was held at Chaweng Noi, at”The Beach Bar” last weekend.

Oh, for those wondering, a “kill” in volleyball is any attack immediately resulting in a point or side out.

The Koh Samui Beach Volleyball Club Tournament was organized by Cord Biggs, a famous beach volleyball player known for participating in events across Southeast Asia. He was joined Tanit “Jesse” Sungket, Tinnakorn Poolsawad, owner of The Beach Bar, as well as the bar’s staff, on top of other event sponsors.

Charlie Solares and Khun Tanit were in charge of bringing local talent from all over Thailand, with players, both professional and amateur, from Bangkok, Phuket, Koh Pha Ngan, etc. A pre-tournament was also held, with the best teams being given free entry into the Samui event.

Teams from all over the world attended, with players from countries like Russia, Turkey, Denmark, Slovakia, USA, and much more seen participating in the event alongside the aforementioned local talents from all over Thailand.

The event packed the competition of all 24 participating teams over the span of 2 days, February 18-19, with the event following a double elimination format – two losses means a team is out. The first eight teams were eliminated were transferred to a “Queen’s Cup” bracket. The teams that managed to avoid elimination, however, played in the “King’s Cup” bracket.

The following were the event’s results:

  • King’s Cup bracket:
    • Andrew Freeman (Russia) & Mongcon Samoram (Phuket)
    • Roman & Dima (Russia)
    • Max (USA) & Emir (Turkey)
  • Queen’s Cup bracket winners: Yoosob & Anucha (Samui)

The top 3 winners were awarded medals and cash, whilst 4th and below were given gift vouchers, whilst the Queen’s Cup winners were given medals.

Cord was asked about how the event proceeded, and he responded happily, that the event received such a warm reception. He states that with the successful inaugural tourney, they are planning to conduct the event at least twice a year. He adds that he is now looking for interested sponsors and participants.

For those staying in their Samui beach hotel, there’s a new event full of energy for them to see on Koh Samui.