Beachside Rental Villas In Phuket That Would Give You The Best Deals

Without a doubt, Phuket is one of the islands in Thailand that a tourist wouldn’t want to miss and the Beachside Rental Villas in Phuket is also one of the most luxurious accommodation that you could get while having a great time on the beach. More specifically, what tourists love about them are their exclusive experience topped with the fact that you will only be a couple of walks away from the joys of the sand, heat of the sun and refreshing salt water of the sea.

Beachside Rental Villas in Phuket are also a bit pricey because of the fact that building exclusive villas are a lot heftier especially once it gets nearer to the beach. Due to this, you might be put into some distance from the beach, however, it will only still be in a walking distance. If you are interested in renting out some of this exclusive beauties, here are some that would get you the closest to your beloved beach.

1. Friendship Villa No. 6

This two-level villa has a modern uptake and was established only a few years ago, 2011. This fact will also ease you from worries whether the villa is well-maintained and safe. The very exciting thing about this villa is it is only about 30m from the beautiful beach. The beach indicated is an exclusive one which will definitely further amp your experience. There are also restaurants near the place while the place is also deemed to be the most peaceful locations in Phuket, which only makes it an ideal place to set your holidays on.

There are also other ‘Friendship’ villa with different no., but still within the same distance. Check that out so you’d have more choices up your sleeves.

2. BangTao Tara Villa No. 2

Like the one above, this also has other versions of villas with different numbers. They are about 0.4 Km or 400 meters away from the Bangtao beach. It’s equipped with various amenities such as pool, garden, Television, Kitchen, 3 Bedrooms along with 4 bathrooms and a lot more. There’s also a discount of 20% which you could get each fifth night of your stay. This is valid only until October 15, 2015, so if you’re planning to have a getaway, now would be a great time.

3. Asian Rhapsody Villa

This is probably one of the most luxurious villas that you could ever find in Phuket. It’s equipped with 5 bedrooms where 10 people could fit, an exclusive swimming pool, Wireless internet and about seven comfort rooms. Its location is also sweet since you’ll only be half a kilometer away from the beach and about a kilometer and a half from the bustling shops of Phuket. If you want to have an exclusive chef, it’s also available for about 1,000 Baht per meal he cooked. There’s also an eminent discount of about 25% if you stay with them from March up to June, 2015.

Beachside Villa Rentals in Phuket are definitely eye-openers and their level can definitely be on-par with more major ones you could find in United States, Caribbean and many more.