Benefits Of Having Cairns Airport Shuttle Bus To Port Douglas

Port Douglas is a quaint town of Queensland, Australia. It is a favorite destination of tourists both from Australia and other parts of the world mainly because of the numerous natural tourist attractions found therein. Port Douglas offers access to the Great Barrier Reef and the Daintree National Park, a magnificent rainforest in Australia. Apart from that, Port Douglas holds a stretch of white sandy beaches with sleepy, calm, blue waters that you can swim and laze around in. To get to Port Douglas, you can hire a Cairns airport shuttle bus to Port Douglas. Although you can opt for public transport, hiring a shuttle offers more convenience including the following benefits:

Comfortable trip

A shuttle bus that will take you from the airport down to Port Douglas is guaranteed to offer a comfortable ride wherein you can relax and stretch while waiting for you to finally get to the beach. The shuttle buses used for the service are in excellent condition with professional drivers to take you to your destination. The coaches come with comfortable and soft seats that allow you to even take a nap during the 1 hour trip.

Faster transportation

The good thing about hiring a Cairns airport shuttle bus to Port Douglas is that you can be sure to get to Port Douglas in time and that is the same case from Port Douglas to Cairns airport. Having a shuttle bus gives you that peace of mind that you will not miss your flight or other destinations. Unlike public transportations, shuttle buses do not include unnecessary stops or waiting for passengers to fill the vehicle. Thus, you depart and arrive on schedule.

Safe transfers

Because all information regarding the passengers are available and since there are only limited seats available with Cairns airport shuttle bus to Port Douglas, you can be sure that you are riding safe without potential threats of burglary, deceit and other ugly incidents. You also have the company’s information so you can easily file a complaint if ever some untoward incident involving the operator takes place during the trip.