Bitcoin Price Predicted To Increase If Trump Wins

Jupiter, a research and analysis firm has recently conducted a market study that predicted the value of bitcoin to increase within the year once Trump wins as the next United Stated President. According to the same study, transactions involving bitcoins will increase to a value of $92 billion this 2016. The predicted number is three times that of the 2015 bitcoin value amounting only to $27 billion.
If Donald Trump who the presidential nominee from the Republican Party, succeeds in the coming United States election of president, it is expected that there will be chaos in the market. Based on a recent study conducted by Juniper Research, the chaos may affect many things but not the bitcoin as it is expected to survive despite the mayhem.
According to Dr. Windsor Holden, the author of the research, there is a big possibility of mayhem happening at the world markets in the event that Donald Trump wins the next presidential election I the United States. This is because the Economist Intelligence Unit stated that a Trump presidency is considered one of the Top 10 things that could pose a risk to the global market.
On the good side, he added that bitcoin will be able to survive in case that happens until such time that all main fiat currencies have a clear status on the resulting turmoil.
Take for example what happened in Greece in the previous year during the time that the county is uncertain of how their economy will turn out and the effect of geopolitical issues, there occurred a bitcoin rally. It was late of the same year that the value of the cryptocurrency took another low blow because of the winning of a representative that is pro-EU party. After their election, there have been changes in the value of bitcoin.
Bitcoin are known to use the Bitcoin Network Difficulty Metric to help find new block and continue mining. As complex as the mining process is, it is clear without a doubt that it will have its highest current value once Donald Trump become the next United States President.