Bonding In Camp Lejeune With Parent And Child Archery

Families enjoyed some quality bonding time with bows and quivers during the Parent and Child Archery workshop held at the Hospital Point Picnic Area on Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune in Jacksonville, North Carolina, during the 26th of August, 2017, a Saturday.

Children and parents got firsthand experience and valuable advice regarding the sport of archery, including the basics, the guidelines for safety and more info such as the different stances and grips in archery and which of these were the most effective.

The parents were the first to aim and fire, which gave them a good perspective from which to offer advice and assistance to their kids, since they have firsthand experience and know what to do, and what not to.

After a few rounds of target practice came the competitions, which started with knockout, which was a race to hit the colored areas of the targets before the other teams succeed in the same task. The final round of this particular challenge even included a balloon as another target, for added difficulty.

Other activities included shooting animal decoys, playing archery games, and others, with a range of activities which kept both the parents and their kids active and engaged.

The event was handled by Outdoor Adventures, with the group’s lead archery instructor, Dana Gelinger, saying expressing approval of the event. She says that kids tend to be afraid of first drawing their bow and taking a shot, and that seeing their parents do it, and help out boosts their confidence, which also lets parent and child bond with each other.

A number of families and participants of the event expressed their approval of the event, saying that it was an enjoyable experience for them.

Colleen Shehane was a recent migrant to the Camp Lejeune area, and was looking for something to do with her family over the weekend. She says that the class was a good learning experience, as well as a fun family bonding activity.

Archery is a sport that requires no esoteric knowledge to try, and welcomes all comers of any skill level. Camp Lejuene will play host to another round of Parent and Child Archery on the 30th of Sept, 2017, with more info available at the official site.