Bronies Set To Attend Three-day My Little Pony Conference In Brooklyn

About 1,200 people are expected to attend the Ponycon which will be held at the St. Francis College in Brooklyn, New York, on February 14-16. The said conference will be all about the show, My Little Pony and there will also be a special screening for the much awaited first look on the show’s Season 5 trailer.

My Little Pony has been a hit animated series back in the 80s and 90s gathering a significant following of little girls and the parents who watch the show with them.

According to Bill Crumlic, the organizer of the Ponycon, when My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic was first aired in 2010, it had seem to stir the imagination of adult males of different ages making them turn to online social forums so that they could discuss the show including its characters, the music and the graphics.

Soon after, the adult male fans of My Little Pony grew into a huge following and came as a shock to most people since they are a group of men who have expressed their adoration for a TV show meant for little girls. Later on, they began calling themselves ‘bronies’ since they are bros who like ponies.

The bronies had earned a lot of criticism and outrage from many people. They have been extremely bullied by online netizens and have been called many inappropriate names. But that didn’t stop the bronies. Their fandom only seem to grow larger as time went on and now many conferences are held in different states and countries like Germany, Canada and the UK for these extraordinary men who adore My Little Pony.

Crumlic said that the theme ‘friendship is magic’ really struck a chord with these men. They feel like it’s a lesson about being friends and ‘bros.’ He also said that he was hesitant at first since it is a show for girls, but he soon grew to love and appreciate the show.

The term brony had gathered so much attention that a bearded man said that he even considers himself as a brony, but only because of his 6-year old daughter who loves the show.

Many people will attend the conference. 80% will mostly be bronies while the remaining 20% will be families and collectors. There will be many activities for adults, kids and families. For adults, tickets cost $35 for a day and $75 for three days while tickets for kids are at $30 for three days. Kids below 6 years are allowed to join for free. Tickets can be bought online or at the door.