Building Better Employee Relationships Through Bonfyre

Employees are the best assets of a company and it is important to keep them happy so that they will be more productive. However, the improving economy provides workers with more options which require employers to frequently recognize their work and to build stronger peer relations with regular mood checks to immediately pinpoint the employees who are a flight risk.

A new tech app was introduced recently for employees who are scattered all over the continent. The app called Bonfyre will foster a unified culture and sense of community for the employees of Ferrara Candy in Oakbook Terrace. Traditional ways of communication for employees include quarterly town hall meetings, monthly newsletters and company-wide email blasts; however, many employees on the production department do not have email accounts.

Most if not everyone have their Smartphone and Bonfyre which is a social platform allows the employees to build relationships and invite their colleagues to join virtual communities where they can post comments and images or reply to survey questions. Ferrara Candy introduced Bonfyre during its annual employee appreciation event so that workers from far locations can participate and celebrate the National Candy Month. The app also encourages employees to share their ideas particularly on new products.

The real success of the app happened last July 4th when the Ferrara Candy launched the “Sweet Snap Challenge”. Employees were encouraged to print out large copies of gummy bear characters from their marketing campaigns and post photos of the bears while they are enjoying the fourth of July weekend on the beach, barbeque or anywhere they are spending the holiday.

More than 100 employees participated and Bonfyre managed to break down barriers by melding employee’s personal and professional lives. A third of Ferrara’s US employees are registered in Bonfyre with 70% actively posting on a regular basis. The employees have become more proactive and dedicated to business.

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