Colombia Crowned Miss Universe 2015

Miami, Florida- Miss Colombia shone the most during the most beautiful night in the Universe as she took home the crown.

Paulina Vega, 22 years old, was crowned Miss Universe 2015. Miss USA, Nia Sanchez, grabbed the second spot. Ukraine, Netherlands and Jamaica came in 2nd runner up, 3rd runner and 4th runner up.

Paulina Vega hails from Barranquilla, Colombia. She is from a big family with eight siblings. She is taking up business administration and she dreams of running her own business one day.

Before the pageant, she told the media that if ever she will win the competition, she will hold the title with pride and represent women in today’s generation with grace.

The Pageant

Miss Universe is the most prestigious women’s pageant that happens yearly. This year, 88 countries participated in the event. It was narrowed down to 15 candidates after several grueling undertakings by the lady. The 15 candidates were further trimmed down to ten and then finally to the magic five.

The event’s site was packed with people from different racial backgrounds. They were very supportive of their candidates. Flags were waved; cheers were shouted every time their favorites walked the stage. Every important turn in the competition left the audience gripping their seats and when their country was called in, shouts of exclamation reverberated in the hall.

The crowd favorites

It was apparent during the entire competition that the crowd bellowed the most for certain contestants. Spectators cheered loudly for Venezuela. She made it up to the final ten.

Another favorite was Jamaica. She sported a short hair and said in the video that she feels confident being that way and that she need not be adorned with long hair to be called beautiful. All throughout the competition, the crowd cheered for her. Miss Jamaica made it to top 5 and ended on the 5th spot. When her name was called for fifth place, the crowd could not believe it and the cries of boo from the crowd was heard. People who could not attend the pageant live also aired out their sentiments in social media. Jamaica was trending worldwide with netizens exasperated with the judges’ decision.