Costumes From The Big Bang Theory Used For An Actual Scientific Expedition

The Big Bang Theory has not only been known for providing high quality comedy to the people, it is also known for the costumes that are being featured in the show. But who would ever thought that these costumes would actually be needed for an actual event, a scientific expedition to be exact.

In the last episode of season two of The Big Bang Theory, the main characters decided to conduct an expedition to the North Pole. In order for them to be prepared for the arctic cold, they stayed in a walk-in freezer wearing bright red parkas. The same parkas, however, would be going to Greenland for a real expedition four years after it was featured on the show.

A physicist at the Kavli Institute for Cosmological Physics located at the University of Chicago, Abigail Vieregg, was tasked to lead a small group of scientists on an expedition to the Arctic Circle so that they can survey many different sites that can potentially be used for a future neutrino experiment. Unfortunately for Vieregg and her small group of four scientists, they would have to provide their own gear.

The cold wear clothing needed for the trip could be quite costly. Fortunately for Vieregg, she had remembered the same episode of The Big Bang Theory. What is more amazing is that the scientific advisor for the said show is David Saltzberg, a physicist at the University of California, Los Angeles, who also happens to be Vieregg’s fellow researcher and former thesis advisor.

Those bright red parkas that the main characters had used were real Canada Goose coats and can offer the best protection against the freezing temperatures. Saltzberg immediately provided the gear for them. He said that he has lot them many equipment over the years so it is only right that he let them borrow the parkas as well. Turns out that two of the four scientists fitted perfectly in the parkas.

During the expedition, Vieregg, Saltzberg, Christian Miki and John Kovac had practically lived in the coats as they searched for a place abundant with high energy neutrinos. They used two antennas that enable signal to bounce off the ground, sending data from one to the other.

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