Depression Resulted Into 6 Months Of Unwashed And Uncombed Hair

Kate Langman is a hair stylist at Ulta Beauty. She went out of her way to help a depressed woman who has not left her bed for the past 6 months to feel like her former self again. The end results were simply amazing. The identity of the woman that was helped by Langman will be kept private.

According to Langman, a woman entered the beauty salon to look at hair products from the “All Soft Redken line” that could possibly fix her hair. When Langman approached the woman to help her, she began to share her long story.

According to the woman she was suffering from deep depression and she could not get out of bed for the past 6 months. This meant that her hair was never combed, brushed and washed. She simply pulled her hair into a bun which after six months turned into a huge dread lock. The bun became so matted that it literally looked like she had a rock on top of her head. Langman asked the woman to return the hair products to the shelf and she would do something for the hair.

The woman made an appointment for the following day but she did not show up. After two weeks, she called and made another appointment but once again, she did not show up. Langman assumed that the woman will no longer show up and it kind of broke her heart because she wanted to help.

Then, one day, the woman walked into the salon and said that she finally forced herself out of bed. She wanted her hair to be treated but wanted it to be on the long side. Langman spent 4 ½ hours combing the hair, 3 hours for hair coloring and 30 minutes for the cut. At the end of the service, the woman had a sparkle in her eyes with her cheeks pink from excitement.

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