Difference Between Standard And Luxury Rehab

If you are wondering what are the basic differences between a standard and luxury rehab, the answer is simple: price. With price comes major differences in terms of handling the treatment, the type of rehabilitation plans and the type of service providers who will facilitate the treatment. The other differences that sets luxury treatment centers from the basic ones include the following:

Value added services

One of the main differences when you or a loved one is confined in a luxury rehab is the value added in every service delivered in such facility. For instance, instead of getting a healthy, average food in every meal, you will get a catered gourmet food handled and prepared by in demand chefs. You also get concierge, 24-hour room service and bellboys for your every beck and call. This is something you will not experience in an average treatment center. You will also have your own room equipped with marble comfort room with world-class amenities.

Better staffing

Ina a luxury rehab, you have a dedicated staff and a therapist who will attend to your needs and provide the specific therapies that are suitable for you. This will speed up your recovery and at the same time, lower down your expenses since your recovery will be faster. Luxury rehabs, especially those that are intended for celebrities have better ratio of staff per patient. You can also expect for the doctors and therapists to be highly competent, not to mention, licensed and equipped with specializations on addiction control and rehabilitation.

Luxurious facilities

Another point that sets a luxury rehab apart from the average treatment centers is its facilities. Getting into a luxury rehabilitation center is more like booking into a world class 5-star hotel where you will enjoy the opulence of its facilities. You will find spa and fitness centers that are fully equipped with high-end exercising equipment along with personnel who will assist you. You will also find swimming pools, musical instruments, painting and arts center, yoga and massage parlors and other luxurious facilities that without the treatment aspect, it would seem like you are booked for the holidays.