Ditching Old Home Designs, Embracing New Ones

Designing homes could be a daunting task if you are not up to the challenge and are not equipped with the right knowledge and skills set in making a house more livable and attractive. Having the right new home designs are critical for a life of comfort, enjoyment and relaxation. Therefore, it is important to design your home following the trends and at the same time incorporating a touch of your own creativity.

New home designs could also make or break when you decide in selling your house. Perfect new home designs for potential client will lure them into buying the house at a greater value. On the other hand, poorly designed homes will turn off buyers and the cost could be high.

There are new home designs trends that you need to watch out and avoid this year. Here are some of those:

• Avoid placing whirlpool bathtubs in your bathroom. Going back to the early 80’s, the whirlpool bathtub was popular furniture in the bathroom. Fast forwarding, thirty years later, these furniture are not anymore used by people as they were used then. The area that the bathtub consumes should be replaced with more desirable bathroom add-ons. The whirlpool bathtub is also costly to maintain in that it can use up some 100 gallons of water. The trend this year is to replace this with a shower room with more space, a seat when necessary, more shelves and rainwater showerheads.

• Get rid of naked windows. Some designers question why naked windows became a fad over the last two years. You do not have privacy with these types of windows which are completely open. There is nothing that would protect you from the sun’s rays and there is just no texture, color and personality to the window. This year, interior designers are looking forward to working with panels that will allow home owners to open the window pane while at the same time provide privacy.

• Tiled counter tops are now a thing of the past. Due to the availability and affordability of the materials, tiled counter tops have become one of the most popular kitchen trends last year. This trend however downgrades the value of a property so it is good that you ditch this trend. Replace the tiled counter tops with quartz slab.