Do Not Call The Police If You Receive An Ugly Christmas Sweater

Do not call the police if your mother sends you knitted sweats from You should take it up with her and not the police. This was a warning made by the Swedish Interior Ministry regarding persistent calls over trivial matters like getting a wrong Christmas present or seeing an eagle abuse a rabbit.

Local law enforcement officials have also received calls regarding lost car keys because insurance companies require that such things be reported for the claimant to be compensated. Dealing with silly complaints prevents the police to solve more serious crimes.

However, Sweden is not the only country where the police receive trivial calls that sound completely ridiculous because a man from Britain called emergency services after his girlfriend allowed the cat to eat his bacon. Based on the figures released following a Freedom of Information (FOI) request in 2014, there have been approximately 71 reports of zombies, witches and ghosts filed with the British Police.

Going back to the ugly Christmas sweater that has become more commercialized than ever; many people will only be too glad to receive one as Christmas present because it has now become a phenomenon. There are people who literally swathe themselves with Christmas sweater ugliness and yet they manage to look awesome.
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If you do not want to buy an ugly sweater, you also have the option of renting one for a Halloween party or an office Christmas party. Ugly sweaters, cardigans and vests cost about $15 for a 4-day rental.