Do Not Underestimate The Emergency Plumber

Many people look down on emergency plumbers because of the kind of jobs that they perform. Most of the jobs are considered menial jobs because it deals with clearing blockages in the toilet, kitchen sinks or sewer lines that homeowners do not like to deal with. It is generally assumed that people who work as plumbers are not educated.

The author was introduced to an emergency plumber from an Arabian country. The plumber had to perform some renovation work which took less than 10 days to complete. The author noticed that the plumber was not an uneducated person because of the way he performed the task. The author learned later that the plumber holds a Masters Degree in Arabic language and related literature from a known university in the Arab world.

When the author required assistance in correcting and reviewing several researches, the plumber was on hand to provide assistance. In his humble home, the plumber would review post graduate dissertations on his old computer. The reviews generated some income for the plumber but why was he doing the lowly job? The plumber was earning more fixing plumbing issues than correcting thesis and researches. The Masters Degree does not bring food on his table.

The plumber had 4 years experience in the plumbing business. He has a portfolio that has been developed to the point that would receive contracts for plots and buildings to generate excellent returns. What he earns from a single plumbing deal is equivalent to his annual wage related to his academic qualifications.

According to the plumber, acquiring a Masters Degree is important for civilization but he had to work as a plumber to earn a decent living. He learned plumbing, excelled in the job and got his own clients. It was a matter a survival that is why he chose a menial job instead of his area of expertise.

Plumbers in P4U Emergency Plumbers do not haveMasters Degree but they are fully skilled and experienced to fix your plumbing issues. The emergency plumbers go the extra mile to provide you with the highest quality of service for the most reasonable costs.