Dokmai Jan Offerings For King Bhumibol’s Funeral Revealed

For tourists in Thailand staying in Novotel in Patong, or anywhere in the country, it’s quite easy to see how Thailand treats their monarchy; in Thailand, the royal family is held in the highest regard. The passing of the country’s beloved King Bhumibol has had quite the effect on the country, whose residents are now eagerly waiting for any news regarding his state funeral.

So it was announced on Wednesday, the 15th of May, where, during a meeting at the Phuket Provincial Hall attended by numerous government officials, overseen by NorraphatPlodthong, Phuket’s Governor, where the people of Thailand were given an update regarding the funeral proceedings to be held in honour of their beloved king.

Three temples throughout the tourist destination that is the island of Phuket have been chosen as the locations wherein the Thai people can offer Dokmai Jan in honour of their king, as part of King Bhumibol’s state funeral, which, if currently scheduling is followed, will be held on Bangkok on Oct 25-29, with Oct 26 being the date of cremation. The three temples are as follows:

  • SaphanHin Temple, Phuket Town
  • Keto Temple, Kathu
  • Manik Temple, Thalang

Governor Norraphat made his statement, saying that the Ministry of Interior has given out the order for every province to have locations prepared for the Thai practice of offering Dokmai Jan for the late king’s funeral. He states that the three locations chosen in Phuket were chosen due to their large space, which is believed to be capable of accommodating the number of Thai who will pay their respects towards the late king.

He expands on the news, adding that the Phuket Institute for Skill Development will appoint two representatives. These representatives will travel to SanamSuea Pa in Bangkok to learn the proper methods for the Dokmai Jan, on the 20th of May, who will then take what they have learned and pass the knowledge on, in order to ensure that King Bhumibol is properly honoured.

According to the Governor, the Local Administrative Office will handle the budget for materials, and the Thai people are invited to make different varieties of Dokmai Jan out of different flowers to honour the late king.

Tourists staying at Novotel in Patong, or anywhere in the country should take note of the proper decorum during this time frame, and should expect a few marigolds in their surroundings, which will be planted in honor of the late monarch.