Dorchester County Urging People To Pay Their Property Tax

The residents of Dorchester County have only a few weeks left to pay their remaining property tax, after which they will have to pay a penalty. This is proof that people should be prepared with tax audit insurance QBE because things such as this can happen. The county is going to begin their special legal audit geared towards the residents. The audit will start on February 2 to make sure that property owners are paying their taxes following the correct rates.

County officials said that they have found out something wrong with the process because many are not paying the right rates, intentionally or unintentionally. These same people expect the audit to rectify the issue.

Jay Byars, the chairman of the city council, said that the audit is intended to ensure that people will not take advantage of the current system because in the end the ones who are suffering are the schools, businesses and citizens. Byars clarified that country officials know that there are a few residents who really don’t know the correct numbers when filing.

In case of taxes, the homes which are occupied are given an assessment rate of 4 per cent and are not mandated to pay operating taxes for the school. Secondary residences including rental and vacation homes, on the other hand, are given a 6 per cent rate and they have to pay taxes for school operation. The amounts of the tax vary from district to district as well as the value of the home.

For the in-house audit, it is estimated that they will spend $48,000 and the expenses will be deducted from the money to be collected. A legal audit councillorwas hired to conduct the residence assessments on a part-time basis. The process is expected to last for a year.

According to the state law, there are penalties for people who are not paying their taxes correctly. Some residents have already availed of tax audit insurance QBE in order to protect them from unexpected tax audits in the future. The violations will be inspected from the tax data of the residents going back three years from 2015.