Dramatic Video With A Happy Ending

There is no reason why you cannot enjoy the beach even if you are billeted at the Sathorn Hotel in Bangkok, the capital city of Thailand. Hua Hin, a resort town with fabulous beaches is just a few hours away from Bangkok. Pattaya is less than two hours away from the capital city. It is even faster when to take the plane. Pattaya is one of the versatile tourist destinations where you can swim, dive and play golf.

Thailand is surrounded by waters so that it isn’t surprising to find young children playing near the waterways. Recently a dramatic video emerged on the panic-stricken attempts by the Hmong hill tribesmen in the Northern Province of Chiang Rai to save a young boy who drowned while he was playing near the waters.

The video showed a young Thai boy as he lies motionless in the dirt. His shirt was rolled up while a man was straddling him. The man was applying CPR on the boy by firmly compressing his chest and blowing air through the mouth into his lungs. Friends who were not caught by the camera were heard speaking in a mixture of Thai and Hmong. They repeatedly asked whether the little boy was still breathing.

One minute and seven seconds into the video, you will see the young boy moving his mouth. Before the rescuer responded to the pleas for help, he was seen enjoying a few drinks at a store with his friends. One minute later and the young boy was seen gasping for breath.

The 4-year old Thai boy is now safe and recovering from his ordeal. He was lucky because there was a person nearby who has training in cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR). CPR is a vital life-saving skill because you might be in a situation where you need to save a life.

The nearest place where you can enjoy nature is Lumpini Park that is a 5-minute walk away from Sathorn Hotel in Bangkok area. Lumpini Park is one of the best places to jog or take a leisurely walk because of the appealing scenery. It is the largest and most popular park in Bangkok that allows people to connect with nature.