Education And Healthcare Should Have Standard Software

In a survey recently conducted by Depa or Digital Economy Promotion Agency, there is a great need to improve the current software utilized by healthcare industry as well as the database of the country’s education system where digital courseware are stored in a central hub. This may not affect private schools such as Bangkok international school as they follow a system of their own.

There are two different surveys spearheaded by the agency regarding Software Usage in Core Industries in 2016. This tackles two sectors, the healthcare and the education.

According to Kasititorn Pooparadai, the senior executive vice president of Depa, the survey aims to promote the use of IT in both sectors as well as to bridge the inequality between healthcare and education.

For the survey, there were 923 hospitals who participated and it showed that it is necessary for medical professionals to have a common database they can share and utilize. Every hospital is mandated to pass three reports and send them to state agencies in order to get reimbursements from the medical expenses they have spent.

Mrs. Kasititorn said that the reimbursement process could be done more efficiently and at a faster sped if there is health information software with compatible interface that they can utilize. Regardless of the software vendor, it should be compatible to all and must have the same data format for ease of transaction.

The survey also revealed that a medical institution will have the patients as their centre if there is centralization present in the system.

In terms of education, CSN Research Ltd was hired by Depa to conduct the survey between April and July of last year. There were 923 science educators who participated for the interview. From there, the Office of the Basic Education Commission discovered that secondary schools have enough computer devices and internet equipment but the same cannot be said in primary schools.

This is a different setting from Bangkok international school where facilities are top of the line and every student has their own equipment. The survey also showed that digital content can be shared in a single school but they cannot share with other schools. Depa therefore concluded that the schools must have a centralize system where they can share digital contents to empower the educators.