Electric Vehicles: New Reason To Check Courier Online

Due to the unfortunate and obvious fact that the world is now enduring the full force of the phenomena which they call as “Climate Change”, every government in the world nowadays  is pushing various initiatives to at the very least, lessen the damage that is inflicted both to human life and property. You see, Climate Change or Global Warming to some, is causing the Earth’s climate to go crazy and become more erratically damaging than it was in the last few years. This causes storms to become more powerful. In addition to this, there are now places that weren’t usually experiencing rains and floods are experiencing them already and it’s pretty much worse than experts have predicted. Temperatures have been off the charts and in fact, some countries have recorded extremely hot temperatures especially during the summer season when it’s blazingly hot that you could already cook breakfast by using the hood of your car. There are now many changes in all of the industries in the world, including the industry which offers courier online services. These changes aim to make people become friendlier to Mother Nature and also to make people aware of the impeding effects of Global Warming.

Last month, Australia Post has made an announcement that it’s in the process of exploring the huge possibility of switching to electric vehicles when their postmen are delivering packages from one city to the other. In fact, Australia’s national postal service provider has already begun trailing a 3-wheel electric vehicle in the roads of Brisbane which can primarily carry letters and other online purchases which can be processed through companies which can provide courier online services. According to the Australia Post, the said electric vehicle which is manufactured from Switzerland, would allow postmen to deliver up to three times of the amount of parcels and letters.  They are currently in the middle of an 8-week trial period on certain areas in Brisbane which include Coorparoo, Woollongabba and Eastern part of Brisbane. The electric vehicle is said to be able to carry a weight up to 195 kilograms, can reach the top speed of 25 miles per hour and, can run up to 9 hours on battery which can be recharged overnight.