Elephant Parade To Raise Awareness On Endangered Species

There are different types of creative wall art that include wall mounted resin elephant head, paintings and photography that will turn the home into an art sanctuary. High quality wall art is available from designers and artists all over the world. Usually, the designs are custom made to ensure that rarity of your wall décor.

Elephants are popular inspirations for home décor because they are symbols of strength and wisdom. On March this year, 101 elephant sculptures will be showcased in India during the Elephant Parade. The campaign was organized by Elephant Family, a non-government organization that is dedicated towards the protection of the endangered Asian elephant.

The purpose of the exhibition is to generate important funds to secure 101 elephant corridors across India because the animal species is facing risks of displacement through the fragmentation of its natural habitat. Last 2010, in London, almost 25 million people arrived in hordes to view elephant sculptures. The campaign was able to raise more than £4 million.

The sculptures for the Elephant Parade will be created by fine artists, sculptors, folk artists, architects and designers. The artists are encouraged to give free reign to their ideas and imaginations so that they can add their personality to their artworks.

Ruth Ganesh, CEO of Elephant Family has cited artist Veer Munshi’s elephant as an example. It was covered with images of endangered animals. His art talked about the importance of the conservation of natural habitats of elephants as well as other animal species like tigers, rhinos, blackbucks and the ring-tailed macaque. One of the elements that spectators will see on the sculptures is the overwhelming love of people for elephants.

The idea of bringing together conservation and art has been tried and tested all over the world. Elephant Parade exhibitions have been created in 22 countries to awaken awareness on the protection of elephants and other species.

Elephants have always been a popular subject among artists. One example is wall mounted resin elephant head to adorn the walls of your home. It can easily create a sense of awe and curiosity to make it the subject of conversation among guests.